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We begin by assessing each student’s philosophical background, looking for at least 2 undergraduate courses at the 300- or 400-level (with a minimum grade of B+) in three central areas of philosophy.

We provide graduate seminars, theory courses, and thesis courses. ELMS ( epistemology, language, metaphysics, science), history, logic, and value theory.

Courses in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, and history of philosophy; Courses in value theory, such as ethics, political philosophy,

“Over the course. value compared to each other.” “The generic concept of ‘non-discrimination’ often hides an ideology that denies the difference as well as natural reciprocity that exists between.

scarcity, have had serious implications for value theory in general. And, of course, moral philosophy itself in its analysis of virtue-patterns is intimately.

The second half of the course will focus on non-ideal ethical theory, an approach. structure and function; facts, value and agents) will be examined carefully. Controversies among competing schools.

The Graduate Student Handbook and Program Requirements apply to all graduate. the equivalent of seven courses. These include logic (1), history of philosophy (3), contemporary value theory and.

Philosophical study of the conflict between personal values and the needs of. of ethical experience, the factors in value judgments, and alternative theories and.

Those three questions roughly align with what Muskingum University philosophy professor Todd Lekan characterizes as the.

He recalls how his fellow debaters resisted his employment of critical race theory at local competitions. Now, as a young tenured faculty member, he is one of the few scholars researching critical.

Students are encouraged to select their Diversity, Value Theory, or Metaphysics and. Seminar, and Elective courses so as to form a Philosophical Pathway.

variety are the business of epistemology, the area of philosophy concerned with understanding the nature. whether it be a matter of fact such as “the Earth is warming” or a matter of value such as.

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PHI 5023 Ethical Theory (3-0. as part of the regular course offerings. May be repeated for credit, but not more than 6 hours, regardless of discipline, will apply to the Master’s degree. PHI 6973.

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A minimum of nine courses, which must include the following:. Axiology (Value Theory) requirement: PHIL 212 (Philosophy of Art), 213 (Ethics), 214 (Social.

I want to continue Marx's study of "Theories of Value". Course in Positive Philosophy, and also Feuerbach's Essence of Christianity, Schelling's Philosophy of.

Contending that the unexamined life is not worth living, he set an example of inquiry that. logic; and ethics and value theory, together with the history of philosophy. In either case, it is desirable for the major to include at least one course.

This course will introduce students to philosophy by examining philosophers' answers to. Collegiate Center Codes, Values, Beliefs and Ethics. Students study, analyze, and evaluate six theories of representation—logic, rules, concepts,

It has embraced a bizarre philosophy. the idea that the value of money is more a psychological concept than anything else, and its value depends upon what value the people in the U.S. and the world.

This joint degree involves studying courses to the value. areas of philosophy. – An interview on ‘Scientific Method’ on BBC’s ‘In Our Time’ with speakers John Worrall, Michela Massimi and Simon.

The Castells Reader On Cities And Social Theory In addition, Martin Ince leads a good intellectual conversation in Conversations with Manuel Castells and Ida Susser offers annotations on excerpts from Castells’ writings on the informational city in The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory (Castells and Ince 2003; Susser 2002). Cheap Textbook Rental for CASTELLS READER ON CITIES+SOCIAL THEORY by SUSSER 02

This course explores the values and norms governing medical practice; the. Students are introduced to major philosophical theories concerning when our.

May 7, 2015. Philosophy Course Descriptions. Satisfies GE, category C3 (Philosophy and Values). 302 Ethics and Value Theory (4) Fall and Spring.

One core history course from PHI 210, 213, 317. One value theory course designated (V). One course in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language,

What Graham and Dodd benefited from in 1934 that their predecessors perhaps lacked was a broadly-accepted philosophy. Store-of-Value asset, while VOLT is the medium of exchange and USD is the.

Course Descriptions ; Resources for Students in Philosophy Courses‌. [As a prerequisite for higher-level value theory courses, PHI 375 covers: utilitarianism.

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That phrase is, of course, “design by committee. turns out to be more of a social invention buttressed by technology (the.

And that’s of course not to say that only science can bring objective and quantitative knowledge. Philosophy can too. pompously called attempts to empirically confirm his special theory of.

This ensures an effective transition from theory to. and curates courses at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. OCBC Bank’s Head of Group Human Resources, Mr Jason Ho, said: "This.

Students majoring in other disciplines will find many Philosophy courses that complement their interests, and students concentrating in. PHIL 106, Introduction to Philosophy: Reality, Knowledge, and Value. PHIL 251, Ethical Theory.

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credit hours), and three philosophy courses (9 credit hours) in one of the four areas. Concentration III – Ethics and Values: Choose three courses from the following. value theory, ethics and aesthetics such asethical status of natural objects.

One course (or equivalent) in ethics, and one additional course in value theory ( e.g., ethics, aesthetics, metaethics, social and political philosophy). d.

Description: Introduction to the formal theory of reasoning, which will be used to. Description: This course deals with fundamental questions of value and.

units may be drawn from PHIL 125, courses. Prerequisite(s): one course in philosophy or consent of. justice; foundations of utility theory, rational choice,