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Error C2146 Syntax Error Missing Before Identifier

Hi there. I am trying to create a class rectangle. It should have data members length and width of type float (which should default to 1). The class should have member functions that calc. area() and.

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hi all.I need help with a pragram which i wrote.Itz to check if a number is palindrome or not using a function.i.e. the program will ask the user to input.

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how can i make the program play a sound when my tmer is finished? If txtSec.Text = 0 And txtMin.Text = 0 And txtHour.Text = 0 Then Timer1.Enabled = False <—–need sound to play here until cmd button.

Im trying to connect to my sql database and generally play around but I get the following error: error C3867: ‘_com_error::Description’: function call missing.

I am blocked on a strange error. I need to use md5sum library. Visual c++ can read md5sum.h but it throws some errors when tries to compile it, it seems that visual c.

I have a program due shortly and I can’t get this to work. I have many errors that show up and can’t figure them out. Can I get some help to get me on the correct path. // This program shows a.

I’m having some problems trying to solve an apparent circular dependency in a project of mine. I’m working with OpenGL and FLTK to create a Robotics Simulation. The problem is that I’ve created a.

#ifndef DATE_H #define DATE_H class Date { public: Date(int = 1, int = 1 , int = 1900); int getday(); int getmonth(); int getyear(); void getDate(); private: int.

Can you guys please figure this out? I have to write a code that calculates de wage of employees on a self generated list. User is asked for : numberofEmployees, hoursworked, rateperhour. If the.

Your code give these errors when I try to compile: —– Build started: Project: DirectX9_Engine, Configuration: Debug Win32 —– Compiling. baseentity.cpp object.cpp c:documents and.

This is a class that uses a vector to store 3 points (x,y,z) so i can find the distance from each of the points. Can anyone help me?? What Narue is saying is that you need to elaborate on what your.

Hi. I am working on a little program that will be able to open files and read them. The problem is that i CANNOT tell the user to manually type the directory and the name of the file ! It would be.

I’m trying to check for the existence of a file, and I hear this is possible with ifstream’s.good property. Not even managing to get that far. Forgive me on this, I’m new to C++ Created a new VS.

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Is there a way to pass a structure into a function in C++? ie if I have a structure of data, can I pass it in and use all the members without having to pass them indevidually? I basically want to pass.

I’m working on my project. It’s not done yet. But i wanna debug these errors now first. Please would someone check them for me. # include <iostream> # include <string> # include "MainMenu.h" using.

hello freinds.I am anshul agarwal doing my summer internship in Germany. I am facing one problem in visual c++. Actually i have done a project in borland c++ but because of memory constrain, I am.

I am trying to make an ATM machine, while trying to teach myself how classes interact with each other. I feel as though the main idea of the program is correct, but as you can see, I am having a lot.

I am studying C++ at Uni and my coding is not very strong. More to the point I am having issues with my header taking in this string. The code works in a linear non object oriented code but as I am.

Hello. I have a question regarding using the ‘system’ command in C++. Using that command, i.e. system("myfile1.exe"), the command window appears. Is there a way of.